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Walking Justice: Media Power, Domestic Violence and Word Usage in the Peggy Jackson Case 

In 2013, Peggy Jackson was granted clemency after serving 26 years of her life sentence. Jackson was an abused farmer’s wife when she suddenly found herself on trial for her husband’s murder. A judge told her during her sentencing that her actions led to the demise of “a good provider.” This paper looks at the news content surrounding the local coverage of both Jackson’s murder trial and her granted clemency. I also offer suggestions of how the media may better cover issues surrounding domestic violence. Written for Media Ethics, May 2013

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How Rod Blagojevich Manipulated the Media Before, During and After His Federal Trials pdf

Disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich nabbed national headlines after he was charged with federal corruption. The media blitz he created represented an attempt to portray his legal defense into the public realm and repeat the message in whatever format would allow him. This paper examines various news reports from a journalistic point of view, and it also explains how the media were — and arguably still are — willing participants in the Blagojevich saga.

Published: Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, SIUC, September 2012

I Kissed A Girl and the Media Liked It: Negotiating Heteronormative Behavior in Lesbian Kiss Episodes

At the same time the public forum was gearing up for a decades-long fight to gauge public opinion involving gay rights and marriage equality, a separate battle was being fought in living rooms across the country. Although nearly always positioned in between sweep weeks stunts to boaster enough numbers to snag potential advertising companies, the lesbian kiss episode was a way many nineties and early 2000s sitcoms, dramas and other television shows either attempted to snag a larger audience or to make a broader statement about the emerging homosexual audience impact on the television viewing audiences’ lives. July 2013

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