Why Feminism Belongs in Media

Peggy is a bad ass

“The F Word”

Like probably most women who grew up during the third wave of feminism, I had an early identity crisis with the term. Sure, I’d be down for some girl power but I was no man hater. Surely we are passed the need to push and claw for a seat at the table.

I was wrong; it is not about hate. A strong feminist understanding of the world around us can only help news coverage, but yet feminism has turned into a such a dirty word that many women shy away from its association, even if they believe most of its core concepts.

The media has an interesting role to play in today’s society, and instead of immediately dissecting news stories into good vs. bad, feminism vs. masculine dichotomies, today’s journalists could develop more thought-provoking and complex pieces that give the readership a better understanding of the problem at hand.

Otherwise, the news will continue to stay in a self-created narrow corridor of”balanced news” where reporters lament over high school athletes’ futures because they received a year of probation for rape. Or where a publication throws a victim’s testimony under the bus because its fact checking department failed miserably. Months of discussion later, there is still little discussion about the rape culture that exists across college campuses all over the country.

Or where some news organization report why women earning less than their fellow male coworkers is actually a good thing.

There are still battles to be fought, and I believe many perspectives are still underrepresented in the media.  These challenges need to be addressed, and I have seen why over and over and over again.